Landia Horizontal Chopper Pump

Landia chopper pumps, with the unique external chopping system, are designed for pumping heavily contaminated liquids and sludge with high solids concentration.

Total Lockout Gas Powered Actuator

APS100N is a portable engine-operated

actuation system that, coupled to manual operation units, makes it possible to handle medium-size sluice gates quickly and safely.  With a weight of about 12 kg (26lbs) and a modern engine Honda GX25 4T, this model, that can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position.  With a max torque of 147 Nm (108 ft/lbs) achieved via an engine Honda GX35 4T, this actuation system is the final solution to all those hard to get to sluice gates and valves.

Singer Anti Cavitation Valve

The 106-AC series control valve solves cavitation problems by taking the pressure drop in two stages and at higher pressure drops allowing but containing cavitation inside the Recovery Chamber. Low

velocity out of the Recovery Chamber prevents cavitation and reduces noise and vibration.

Solar Bee AP500 Wetwell Mixer

In Wet Wells and Lift Stations Medora Corporation’s AP500 helps dissolve grease layer, minimizes pump inlet clogging from wipes and other materials, and reduces H2S odor & corrosion.

Kusters Water ProTechtor™

 Centerflow Band Screen, with its vertical orientation, is an excellent alternative to applications with limited footprint and headspace.  Influent flow enters the screen in the middle of the screen frame, and is positively screened as the flow transitions from the inside and passes through the traveling perforated plate.  Optimally spaced lifting tines are attached to filter panels to capture and elevate larger items to the internal discharge point.  Screenings are washed off via spray headers 

Schneider Electric - Altivar Variable Frequency Drive


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