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When I first started I took care of everything. Five years later we have a seasoned sales staff to help you with all your request.  We offer full service Telemetry division by partnering with Fusion Systems.  We can take care of all your electrical needs.  Some of the mechanical I take care of, but the majority I outsource to associates directly ties to EELLC.  Laura takes care of the accounting, parts sales, research and ordering.  Nichole takes care of all the administrative duties.  We are fortunate to be able to bring on Bob Shumate for our outside  business development.  Bob brings so  much to the table including over 30 years of outside sales.  Bob comes to us after retiring from Motion Industries. So with our complete team we have the ability to service what we sell as well as help customers with there day to day needs.    


I spent 22 years working in the wastewater field either operating, maintaining or managing

wastewater treatment facilities. From 1984 to 2006 I was part of a team (Veolia Water) that took care of all Oklahoma City’s wastewater treatment facilities. In 2007, I made a decision to go to work for the largest Rep firm in Oklahoma, Haynes Equipment. In December 2013 I put a plan in place to start my own company and I believe we can better serve our customers because of the experience I have gained over the last 20 plus years running and maintaining wastewater treatment facilities. Since I have worked in both sides of this business, I know what is takes to make sure our customers get the best service, the best product and follow up they deserve.  We are focused on providing quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will always offer the highest quality equipment to better serve our customers needs.  We will always continue to add better lines with better discounts we can pass onto our customers.

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We are very pleased to finally be able to let everyone know we now provide full service Automation, Telemetry, SCADA and Integration group. Also as of October 2018 we have signed up with Clay-Greene.  We would like to thank  National Sales Director Andrew Crawford for selecting us to cover Oklahoma.

Clay Greene brings so many things to the table that we can use to better serve our customers.  This is going to open so many doors for EELLC.

Our other most recent accusations is Kusters Water.  Kusters build one of the only Clarifiers that is 100% bolt together, which is a big help to GC's.  they are also a leader among the field in bar screen manufacturing.   We are extremely competitive on all types of bar screens.

Landia Chopper Pumps.  

Landia has already opened so many doors already and what we have held over for this year.  We cannot help ourselves but to be excited